Angular Basics: Create Your First Angular App

First Published: March 25, 2020

I love Angular. I'll admit that one reason I love it is because of the way it impacted my career, but that was only possible because of how amazing the Angular community is. It's friendly, supportive, and collaborative. I wrote more about that in my retro post about 2018.

Aside from the community, though, I do love the Angular framework for its power and scalability. You can build massive enterprise apps with Angular due to its robust tooling and the magic of RxJS.

Unfortunately, this power comes at the price of a steep learning curve. Angular can be really tough to learn, especially for beginners. It tends to slide right into place for folks coming for C# and Java, but for new frontend developers, it's just not that easy. TypeScript is one leap, followed by the dizzying jargon of RxJS.

For this reason, I decided to build a free egghead collection of Angular Basics lessons. I'll be adding to it gradually each week for a while (until I run out of ideas, I suppose).

Here's the first lesson about creating your first Angular app:

Hope you enjoy it and learn to love Angular as much as I do!

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