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Hi, I'm Sam! 👋

I love to write, code, and teach. I also love constantly becoming a better version of myself.

I'm a developer, a developer advocate engineer for Auth0, and an instructor for Thinkster and egghead. I live in the rural Pacific Northwest with my partner, three barn cats 🐈, and 17 chickens. 🐓

I'm using a lot of green on this site because two of my favorite things are forests and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

You can find me on Twitter and hang out with me on Twitch.

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Some Favorites

I also use this site to write about code stuff and life stuff. Here are of few of my favorites:

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I send emails about getting better at coding and life.

I'm on a path to become a better human and developer and I want to bring as many friends with me as possible. Want to join me? Sign up below. 👇

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