QAs Doing Cool Things: Chelsea Torres

First Published: April 27, 2018
Last Updated: May 14, 2018

Welcome to QAs Doing Cool Things, Third Edition. This series features one of the members of my Super Cool Newsletter for the Quietly Ambitious with what they're doing and learning. SCNQA (and this series) is meant to be a delightful spot of positivity tea (positivitea) in the middle of the doom and gloom your Social Media Timeline wants you to live in. (If you're not getting the newsletter, sign up in the side bar or on the bottom of this page. DO IT RIGHT NOW.)

Let's get to it!

Chelsea Torres

I've known Chelsea Torres for nearly twenty years. We've been friends through a wide variety of life stages and careers and somehow manage to stay in touch. It's like we're climbing the same mountain from different sides but periodically end up on the same path at the same time. We check in, share the canteen, and walk for a bit before our paths diverge again. She's always been kind, supportive, and smart as a whip.

Chelsea's a mom, a Marketing Whiz, a Tutor Extraordinaire, a Gifted Writer, and a Certified Hustler. Let's hear about what's she's learning lately.

What are you up to these days?

I feel like I'm in the thick of parenting. The part where I'm living out of my car because I spend 4 nights a week at the baseball field. The part where I always seem to be forgetting that one needs a show-and-tell item and the other has a big project due next week. But I'm also happy to report that I'm doing wonderful things for myself. These include diving into a new career field (medical software) head first, taking care of some lifelong health issues by investing in a clean diet, and making plans for a future I haven't thought about for the past few years.

What lessons have you been learning lately (whether personally or professionally)?

I've learned that, unfortunately, making and keeping friends as an adult is even harder than it was as a kid. While I long to have meaningful relationships, my schedule is so packed that I honestly just want to be the quintessential introvert in my free time, and some people have a hard time accepting that. On top of that, I'm still learning every day how not to ignore the voice of my spirit. All it takes to receive miracles is to notice them happening all around!

What's keeping you going/motivated/producing? (people, podcasts, movies, video games, family, whatever)

What keeps me motivated is reconnecting to the things I used to live for. Remembering who I was before I labeled myself as "young mom," "single mom," etc. More importantly, before I projected my own disappointment with my personal life onto those closest to me. I'm searching for the heart of who I am by tapping into my love of the piano, writing, and being outdoors. I'm glad to be doing this now, rather than waiting until my children are out of the house like some parents do.

What's the best way for people to support or help you right now?

There is a website I have started and stopped, started and stopped. It is intimidating because of the sheer amount of content I feel I need to generate just to launch it. It's one of those things I know would be big, but I have chosen to spend my time doing paid work rather than investing in this project. Also, it's not exactly a passion project...just something I am skilled at and I feel could generate passive income and help a ton of people. If I literally have no time except a few hours every other week, and no chunk of change to pay someone else to create it for me, how could I make it happen? Maybe I just need to think outside the box to get it rolling.

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