You can be awesome and I can help.

Another Monday morning. You roll into the office, fire up your computer, and check out the task board. More bug fixes, more boring tasks to round out the sprint. "I know I'm a good developer, but why am I not advancing further?"

You're getting your technical skills down, you're making a living. But how do you hit that next level? How do you:

  • Land that dream job with your favorite tech company
  • Speak at conferences
  • Level up to a team lead
  • Become location independent

Let me help you. With my coaching, I can teach you how to:

  • Meet the people who will boost your career
  • Get over your fear of public speaking
  • Get noticed by big companies
  • Nail your interviews
  • Negotiate your salary and benefits

Update as of June 2017:
I'm not currently accepting new mentoring clients. Click here to join the waitlist, and I'll email you right away when a spot opens.