Work With Me

Need some help?

I'm available for work in three areas:

  • Development - I have a limited amount of time to devote to remote outside development work. I specialize in maintenance and debugging of internal business applications using C# and Angular. My ideal client would be someone who needs help porting an old MVC and jQuery app to Web API and Angular, or upgrading an Angular 1 app.
  • Technical Writing - Do you need help writing documentation? How about a tutorial written on your site or blog? I can help you write clear, concise documentation and tutorials for your library or app.
  • Speaking & Teaching - I love breaking complex issues down into understandable, practical pieces (it was my favorite part of working in finance). I'm available to speak about JavaScript, Angular and RxJS, IoT, general programming concepts, or more esoteric things like what developers can learn from the maker movement. Check out my recent talks to see some examples.
  • Mentoring & Pair Programming - Got a problem you need solving? Need a concept explained? I can be your rubber duck or help you unpack something you're working through. I can also help you with soft skills like resume review and interview prep. Contact me about video mentoring sessions.

Tweet at me to start a conversation with me about these things.