Podcast #1: The Connection Between Physical & Mental Health

The first podcast!

In this episode, I talk about the hard-fought lessons I've learned over the years and the practices that have started producing actual results in my mental and physical health. My goal is to save you from some of the years of grinding away I've had to do due to my stubbornness.

Show Notes!

One key takeaway: mental or emotional arguments require physical responses.

3 Physical Elements

  1. Break the neural pattern physically.
  2. Fully engage in the moment with something hard.
  3. Take away your free will.

3 Mental Elements

  1. Mindfulness develops the mind-body connection. Observation is the first step to change. Don't worry about the why, just pay close attention to how you are feeling physiologically.
  2. Change in self-perception.
  3. Gratitude and abundance.

Mindfulness, Journaling, & Mindful Eating


  • Ted Talk: Want to be happy? Be grateful by David Steindl-Rast
  • Habit: Moment of Joy. I forgot to mention in the episode, my housemates and I have a daily practice of finding a moment of joy in our days and sharing it at dinner. It's a great way to gradually build the habit of gratitude.

Intermittent fasting

Neural Plasticity

Other Inspiration

  • Netflix: Happy - excellent short documentary on happiness
  • Netflix: Abstract - mind-blowing series on design and creativity
  • Video: Tony Robbins on Mental Toughness - get past the business-y elements, this is great information
  • Ted Talk: Embrace the Shake - absolutely beautiful talk from an artist who experienced a massive setback